Curious about the cosmos? Intrigued by evolution? Your questions have answers, and we bring you the brilliant minds who have found them

If you feel like stopping off for a drink after work and you want a quick science lesson and the opportunity to talk to an actual scientist, this is the fest for you
WBEZ's Afternoon Shift, Chicago

Starting by bringing scientists to bars to talk to non-scientists, taste of science is now introducing these scientists to other social situations...

We run accessible science events in your favorite hangouts

taste of science is an annual festival where the best science researchers share their work with you

Ever sit down at a bar, order a drink and wonder what it feels like to try to breathe on the moon?
KBPS, San Diego

You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy them — anyone with an interest can come, listen and ask questions

Science affects everyone — so it should be accessible to anyone, including you!