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A taste of Climate

  • Cafe Brasil 2604 Dunlavy Street Houston, TX 77005

Water resources and Solar cells

On Wednesday and Thursday around the country, taste of science will be getting together to celebrate our planet - the only one we have. We will be talking about environmental protection and the physics behind one of the main forms of renewable energy. So join us to find out about how we can all take action to protect our water resources, and to learn the physics behind solar cells and the future of solar energy. 

Plastic Solar Cells: a future so bright, we gotta wear shades!

Eric Bittner

University of Houston

Over the past decade, researchers have made tremendous progress in advancing the use of organic plastic materials for solar energy/light harvesting. In my talk, I will highlight some of these advances and discuss some fundamental photophysics "under the hood" of high-performing devices. I will touch upon my own work in describing the electronic states of these materials. I will also comment on the uncertain future of solar energy research in the US in light of the 2016 election.