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Every year around 30,000 neuroscientists descend on a single city to share the latest and most exciting research behind closed doors. We want to give the locals a little taste of what those scientists do...

In 2017 the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting will be held in Washington D.C. We invite researchers attending the meeting to step away from their regular PowerPoints and posters to present to a different audience — in a bar.

The taste of science mission is to bring science to an untrained audience. To give them an opportunity to meet scientists in person, and to have research explained in a way that anyone should be able to understand. This competition aims to do just that.

Register as a team: You can be novices looking to get more involved, seasoned communicators, or a mix of youth and experience. This competition will pit teams from different institutions in a scicomm "dance-off" with the winners to be judged by our non-specialist audience.

You want to take part?


ThEN you need to:

  • assemble a team

  • decide the topic you will present

  • points are awarded for:

    • clarity — no jargon!

    • audience engagement — make it interesting!

    • entertainment value — make it fun!

  • join us at Bier Baron Tavern to battle it out

Register now and bring your neuro A game!


deadline for submissions October 14th, 2017