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From the Highest Mountains to the Deepest Seas: Understanding Adaptations to Low Oxygen

  • Uptown Tavern 1236 University Avenue San Diego, CA, 92103 United States

Join UCSD researchers Erica Heinrich, Michael Tift, Esteban Moy and Naomi Deacon as they discuss the genetic and physiological adaptations in human populations living more than 14,000 feet above sea level in the Tibetan and Peruvian highlands, mammals that experience low oxygen while diving at sea and during sleep apnea events on land, and laboratory research in animal models that aims to better understand system-wide low oxygen tolerance.


Speakers (all UCSD):

  • Erica Heinrich
  • Michael Tift
  • Esteban Moya
  • Naomi Deacon
April 23
Festival 2017