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Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

  • The Bricks Ybor 1327 East 7th Avenue Tampa, FL, 33605 United States (map)

Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

Despite pervasive stereotypes and media portrayals, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields today have become more diverse and inclusive than ever. Nobel prize winning work such as the discovery of green fluorescent proteins or the creation of immune-based therapies for cancer are just two of many discoveries made possible by multi-cultural teams of men and women. But reaching this point has not been easy, and efforts to improve STEM diversity and inclusivity need to remain a priority. To better understand the challenges of maintaining and expanding diversity and inclusion, Dr. Anita Marshall, an advocate and researcher of disability inclusion in STEM as well as a member of Choctaw Nation, Dr. Daniel Cruz-Ramirez de Arellano, LGBTQA+ advocate and instructor of general and organic chemistry at the University of South Florida, and Renee Fonseca, graduate student with a passion for diversity studying genetics and bioinformatics at the University of South Florida will join taste of science Tampa for an interactive discussion at The Bricks Ybor on Monday, April 22!

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Dr. Anita Marshall


Adventures in Accessible Geology Field Research

Many geologists have tales of adventure out in the wilds of nature. Field research is an important part of our academic training and a big part of our cultural identity as geologists. Come hear a very different take on these tales as we talk about the challenges and triumphs of doing field research with a disability. From the slopes of an active volcano in Nicaragua to the bogs of western Ireland, this is a globe-trotting tale of science, innovation, teamwork and creative problem solving.


Dr. Daniel Cruz-Ramirez de Arellano

Queer in STEM: Demographics and Disrupting Stereotypes of Identity

The Queer in STEM national study provides an unprecedented look at the personal stories and workplace experiences of LGBTQ-identified STEM professionals. Quantitative analysis of 1,427 participant responses to an online survey allows us to describe the diversity of LGBTQ identities and STEM fields represented by survey participants. Qualitative analysis of 54 semi-structured interviews allows us to develop a model of identity for queer professionals in STEM fields.


Renee Fonseca

From Professors to Participants: Improving diversity in science

Diversity and science are more closely linked than you might think. From the people doing research to study participants, a lack of diversity is creating knowledge gaps. When entire populations are left of out of STEM everything from artificial intelligence to medical treatments, and education to quality of life falls behind. 

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