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Galaxies, Gravity, and Criminology

  • Rock Brothers Brewery 1901 North 15th Street Tampa, FL, 33605 United States (map)

Galaxies, Gravity, and Criminology

What decent taste of science festival would be complete without hearing about space, geology, or criminology? Good news! This year, we’ve combined three audience favorites into one exciting Tuesday evening. And did we mention this is all taking place at the awesome Rock Brothers Brewing? Starting with Dr. John Cochran, Professor of Criminology at the University of South Florida, we will learn about the myths, facts, and controversy surrounding the death penalty and his research into social and scientific aspects of its usage in America. Next, you won’t want to miss Dr. Denija Crnojevic, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Tampa, tell us about her research into how galaxies form and evolve, particularly faint, distant galaxies using space-borne telescopes. Then gravity will bring us back to Earth to meet Mitchell Hastings, who is currently pursuing a PhD in geology at the University of South Florida. Mitchell will tell us how they use changes in gravity to understand what structures and processes occur beneath volcanoes and how they may interact with faults!

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Dr. John Cochran

Myths and Facts about the Death Penalty in America

Public opinion on the death penalty is strongly divided with both supporters and opponents offering a variety of reasons for their positions. While these reasons are matters of belief for those who espouse them, they are also open to social scientific inquiry. This inquiry has established some of these beliefs as myths and others as supported by facts. This talk will discuss these beliefs and research behind them.

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Dr. Denija Crnojevic

Galaxies in a Nutshell!

What are galaxies, and how did we discover them? Did you know that they can evolve into different shapes and sizes, and that they interact within their "communities" just like humans do? Are you curious about the ultimate fate of our own Galaxy, the Milky Way? I will be talking about this and more (even black holes!), and you will get a chance to ask everything you ever wanted to know about galaxies! 


Mitchell Hastings

Understanding Volcano-Tectonic Interactions: What Can We Learn From Gravity?

Typically, we think of gravity as a constant, something that doesn't change with time or space (at least on Earth). However, that's not the case, gravity varies across the globe as a function of where you are but more importantly, with whats beneath you. This talk is aimed at how we can use changes in gravity to understand what structures and processes occur beneath volcanoes and how they may interact with faults.

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