Your city doesn't have taste of science? That's too bad! Still, its easy to fix...

You can start small for the festival, with just a handful of events. You have plenty of time to plan and organise. And you have an experienced central team to help you every step of the way.

To make a team, there are a few different roles to think about:

  • Coordinator — pulls the operation together

  • Publicity — for promotion: Facebook, Twitter, local Media...

  • Website — posting the events on the website

  • Sponsor — some local businesses are happy to help financially

Then you can think about possible venues — you might find some people to be Venue Scouts.

Speakers are quite important... so a Speaker Liaison is good to keep the talent happy! Do you have universities or research institutions in town?

For the actual events, its good to have some more helpers: Event Managers.

You don't need this many people to start with, but if you can spread the work around it's easier.


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