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Do you have what it takes to be a City Coordinator? It's a big, demanding role.
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Please tell us how your background qualifies you for this kind of responsibility — have you organised events before?
Your Festival
We want to know if a taste of science Festival will flourish in your city: What collaborations and networks are available to get this event off the ground? Is there a top Research Institution nearby to support the event with funding, speakers, and publicity? We know this is early days, but the more concrete information you can provide, the better we can tell your city's suitability.
The city you're planning to host in. If you plan on hosting a festival in part of a larger metropolitan area, please explain that.
Please list local venues that might host your Festival. Describe each venue. Each city usually hosts at least 9 events minimum over the week of the Festival.
Attendance *
How many people do you expect to attend your Festival?
Have you engaged local professors and thought leaders involved in the topics?
Please provide a list of academic institutions in your area. Please limit this to a 10 mile radius of city limits.
Companies, government agencies, or academic institutions willing to sponsor your Festival