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kids get plenty of science festivals — so we make something for adults, for them to play

taste of science is an annual festival in cities across the United States

We also have ongoing events in some cities

Every year our audience grows and we add new locations

We want to share science with a wider audience by holding events, recording podcasts, making videos or any other means we can find to engage with the public.


Scientists Inc

taste of science is a Scientists, Inc project. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in Florida, dedicated to promoting scientific research. taste of science is an annual festival powered by over 150 volunteers across the US. Many of us are scientists either in training or professionally. Others are: engineers, teachers, science communicators and those who do no science at all. Our goal is to help share science with all who are interested.


Our big event is our annual taste of science festival which takes place simultaneously in cities across the US. We bring researchers out of their labs, away from their computers or in from their fieldwork to present their work to you. We invite park rangers, zoo keepers and conservationists. We bring in artists who reveal the link between science and creativity.

We do this in the places where people already go to discuss, to listen to each other, to interact with, and to contemplate the world. So, you meet our presenters in your favorite bars, cafés, museums and parks.  

This is an opportunity for you to go straight to the source on subjects that you’d often only read or hear about in the news. A chance to hear someone describe what goes on behind closed doors, and a chance to question them about it.


taste of science is an attempt to address and challenge the public perception of science. We hope our events are a valuable way of informing the non-specialist audience of the important work taking place in their local communities, by their friendly neighborhood scientists. It is also a way for scientists to connect with the people benefiting from their research; to remind them what the big picture is. By bringing in artists and other specialists we want to show that science can be found everywhere and that it impacts all our lives.


Since we have no paid staff, our costs are fairly low. You can find our annual spending report here.

We charge entry for the majority of our events, or ask for donations for free events. We fundraise with individual donations, Amazon Smile, and corporate sponsorship. We also ask for donations in kind, such as printing.