People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people.
— Mark Zuckerberg

what you share — and what we take

We have a number of forms on our website; when you fill them in you intend for us to have this information.


When you come to our website, our host tracks where you are and what device you're using. It notes where you came from, the search term you used to find us, and any search within the site. It records what pages you view:

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Squarespace has a privacy policy for us, but some of it applies to you.


When you sign up for us to email you, our host records whatever it can about you: location, device. Much like the website data.

When we send you an email we know if you've opened it, how many times, and if you clicked any links in it. Mailchimp keeps track of your behaviour over multiple campaigns.

Mailchimp has a privacy policy, again: more for us, some for you. We don't use Social Profiles (Fullcontact).

Facebook & Instagram

We see a little of what Facebook knows about you, but only in summary: no individual data. Facebook has quite an extensive privacy policy. They also have a guide.


Twitter has metrics, mostly in summary. We are not using the conversion tracking widget on our website. Twitter has a privacy policy too.

TicketTailor & Acuity Scheduling

Our ticketing systems collect the information you give them. We export data for analysis.


what we do with your data

We use your data to see how we're doing: are people coming to our website? Are they reading our emails? Are they reposting our Facebook posts? Are they retweeting us?

The questions we ask when you're buying a ticket is the information we're most interested in. It helps us understand you, our audience. 

We analyse trends, not individuals. We don't match individuals across platforms. We present our analysis to potential sponsors.

We do not sell our mailing lists. We do not sell data.