Beats in the Brain in Boston

April 28th, 2018

Whether your jam is Mozart or Metallica, bluegrass or just blues, most people have strong opinions and an emotional connection with music. This was something we explored at our festival finale.

How we can harness its power on the human brain, and how did humans became a musical species?


Dr. Psyche Loui explained recent research how we derive emotions from music, and how to make use of music to enhance our brain’s performance in everyday life.

Dr. Aniruddh Patel walked us through work with parrots, songbirds, sea lions, dogs, and monkeys, to illustrate how cross-species research can help us understand the evolution of musical behavior.

Our sold out event closed with the talents of Aubrey Haddard, vocalist and songstress with a delicious mix of new-wave R&B and old-school blues. Find out all the ways to listen to her tunes on her website: