A comet is born in Tampa

…and these people were the midwives

…and these people were the midwives

April 28th, 2018

If you like lady Gaga you know that stars are born, and if you know planetary scientist Antonio Paris you know that comets can be made. All it takes is a simple recipe.

Comets were made during last year’s taste of science in Tampa. Making one is both magical and yet, totally doable. With ingredients that are not that hard to find such as dry ice, water, a plastic bag, a bit of dirt and a bit of ammonia. Antonio brought a couple of volunteers to the stage and demonstrated. Here are some pictures of the event:

The volunteers were impressed, I was impressed, the audience was impressed.


I am not a handy man, I truly have two left hands and anything that requires a bit of practical skill seems impossible to me. But this experience made me think that maybe…maybe even I could have made a comet. Maybe a small one. Maybe this year I will be a volunteer.