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10,000 Years of Technology

  • Night Shift Brewing 87 Santilli Highway Everett, MA, 02149 United States (map)

Enjoy a brew and learn about how humanity has gone from its first cities to the latest computer science.  


We are pleased to welcome


Benjamin Mutin, Associate in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University

Benjamin is an archaeologist. He has worked in the Middle East and Central Asia and he is currently co-directing a new research program in Iran. He will talk about his research in the Middle East. He will tell us about his current cooperative field project in southeastern Iran. This case study will show how archaeology works and demonstrate some of the methods used to reconstruct the past.


Vasanth Sarathy, Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Tufts University

Two years ago, AlphaGo, a Google-made AI, beat the human world-champion in the ancient game of Go. Last year, it was crushed 0-100 by its successor, AlphaGo Zero. If machines are so advanced, can they also be better drivers, teachers, doctors, and police officers? In this talk, Vasanth will discuss what cutting-edge AI can and cannot do (hint: it's common sense). He will attempt to provide some intuition for why commonsense reasoning is so essential, yet so incredibly complicated to replicate.

Event information:

  • Doors open at 6:00pm, and our event kicks off at 6:15pm.
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