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Have another helping of Science

  • Remnant Brewing 2 Bow Market Way Somerville, MA, 02143 United States (map)

Feed your curiosity and dig in to the exciting, expanding world of food. This event will feature talks on the emergence of bio-fabricated meat, the seemingly magical effects of chocolate, and the discipline of coffee preparation in Japan. Come join us for an evening that’s sure to please the senses.

$1 from each beer sale will be donated to our festival, courtesy of Remnant Brewing company.

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Natalie R. Rubio (she/her)

PhD candidate and New Harvest Research Fellow, Tufts University

Does Bug Steak, Bug You?

Cultured meat is meat grown from cell cultures, rather than whole animals. The technology may result in improvements for our environment, food safety and animal welfare. However, there are many technical challenges associated with growing vertebrate (e.g., cow, chicken) tissue at large-scale and low-cost. Invertebrate cells have unique properties that may make them a superior cell source for bio-fabricated food. Come learn why in vitro caterpillar steak is more appealing than it sounds :)


Dr Chao-Qiang Lai (he/him)

Molecular Biologist at USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University

Cocoa and anti-aging

In addition to tasting delicious and providing us with energy, plant-based foods also contain nutrients beneficial to our health. One important nutrient is called epicatechin — a flavanol found in some of our favorite foods like apples, beans, berries, cocoa and tea. I will discuss how epicatechin supplements may delay the aging of muscles and what this might mean for human health.


Dr Merry White

Professor of Anthropology, Boston University

Art, Craft and "Science" in Japanese Coffee

How an anthropologist uses "participant-observation" in the study of Japanese coffee is the topic. The fieldwork ranged from coffee orchards in Cambodia to high industrial roasting in Japan to the seats of cafes all over Japan, and produced a book, Coffee Life in Japan, which has become popular among Japanese coffee aficionados in America and Europe, mirroring the spread of Japanese coffee techniques and quality.

Event information:

  • Doors open at 7:00pm, and our event kicks off at 7:15pm.

  • Ticket costs are a donation to our non-profit Scientists Inc., thank you for contributing the science outreach in your area!

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