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Science Sunday Kick-off

  • Dorchester Brewing Co. 1250 Massachusetts Avenue Dorchester, MA, 02125 United States (map)

Come celebrate our taste of science 2019 festival with a rousing Kick-Off event! Our festival is filled with speakers that have unique and colorful lives. To honor that, our speakers will explore who can be a scientist, ink-less color, and a colorful technology that could change the way we see fabric.

The Boston Red Sox have graciously donated a signed item to be given away as a door prize, don't miss out!

Note: anyone under 21 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Dr Aliyah Weinstein (she/her)

Chief Brand Officer, Letters to a Pre-Scientist & Marketing and Communications Manager, Addgene

Scientists, not Stereotypes

Did you know? Scientists are a diverse group of individuals with unique stories, careers, and hobbies. Come gain a new perspective on who can be a scientist! First, we'll confront stereotypes that many people believe about scientists using an interactive activity. Then, you'll learn about the hobbies and career paths that scientists actually have. Have you ever met a scientist who works for nonprofits, does yoga, and plays board games? (Hi!) Join me to uncover what scientists are really like!


Rachel Owyeung (she/her)

PhD student, Tufts

Colorimetric Gas Sensing Threads for Smart Textiles

Localized monitoring of hazardous gases typically relies on expensive sensors and electronics for detection and identification, which is not practical for real-world settings. In this talk, I'll discuss thread-based, optically responsive gas sensors for smart, washable textiles. These robust sensors can be used for a wide range of sensing possibilities, due to their unique coating. Potential applications include health and workplace safety through monitoring volatile organic compounds.


Sara Nagelberg

PhD student, MIT

Structural Colour From Complex Droplets

Structural color arising from the interference of light rather than pigmentation creates vivid and varying hues, displayed for instance by butterfly wings or precious opal. This talk will discuss the structural color that results from total internal reflection in small droplets. This effect can be seen in systems as simple as water condensing on a transparent surface, micro-printed structures, and more complex tunable droplets, with applications ranging from bacteria sensors to inks and paints.

Event information:

  • Doors open at 6:00pm, and our event kicks off at 6:15pm.

  • Ticket costs are a donation to our non-profit Scientists Inc., thank you for contributing the science outreach in your area!

  • No cash will be accepted at the door, so be sure to buy ahead of time or bring your debit or credit card with you!

  • In the event of any last-minute event cancellations, we will post an announcement on our webpage, Facebook, and Twitter.

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