taste of science
22-23 April

ever been curious?

the secrets that skeletons can reveal?

the key to interpreting sounds?

the key to making great beer?

have a taste of science!

An odd idea — and oddly appealing... it didn’t feel like studying or anything
— Indy Star

team Indy


our Indianapolis festival is brought to you by Central Indiana Science Outreach,

Quantum Leap

with support from Indiana Humanities — the team that brings you discovery on draft and books, booze & brains each month.

Chemistry class would have been a lot cooler had it met in a bar
Indy Star, Indianapolis

make Indy better


We need lots of hands to make 3 simultaneous events happenon 3 consecutive days. Let us know if you're interested!


Are you a scientist? Could you speak at one of our events?


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