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  • Ryan's Daughter 350 East 85th Street New York, NY, 10028 United States (map)

Thanksgiving dinner is everybody's favorite meal of the year. But food is more than just nutrition. It is the various tastes and aromas from that day and the memories they provoke that endures. For some, it's the scent of the turkey cooking in the oven, while for others it's the mouthwatering taste of toasted marshmallow and candied sweet potato casserole. But how do humans perceive odor and how do those odors become wired into our brains and memories? And how do our brains separate complex mixtures of tastes into identifiable flavors.

In this Taste of Science, Profs. Paul Feinstein and John Glendinning will dive into these questions. Prof. Feinstein will discuss his recent research on creating super-sniffer mice that could be used as land-mine detectors or to sniff out disease, while Prof. Glendinning will discuss his research on the relationship between taste and feeding and how your gut can tell you when you've had enough! 

We will also have live science demos to test your olfactory and tasting prowess. This is a Taste of Science you and your friends won't want to miss!

Earlier Event: October 25
Later Event: January 24