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taste of science presents: bones

Join us as we take a hard look at human anatomy in our special event on bones. Kris Sunderic (CCNY) will explain his work on bone regeneration and how his findings are being applied to bioengineering. Tim Bromage (NYU) will discuss how lasers and mineralized hard tissues, like bones and teeth, are helping his team answer critical questions on evolution and the environment. Also on deck is a hands-on opportunity to study the diet of an owl by dissecting out the bones in an owl pellet. As always, you can enjoy these great talks with a beverage in hand (maybe keep your drinks away from the owl pellets). We recommend a White Russian if you feel the need for some calcium!

First talk starts at 7:15pm. Ryan's Daughter does not serve food, but feel free to order to the bar or bring your own!

Image credit: Jacob Medina