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The Art of Science

  • La Bodega Gallery 2196 Logan Avenue San Diego, CA, 92113 United States (map)

Though often thought of in opposition, art and science are intricately linked. Both enable us to discover truths about the world around us and share those discoveries with others. Join us as we celebrate the beautiful intersection of art and science!

Special thanks to ilus and the Salk Women & Science program for generously loaning artwork for this event.

Drinks will be available for purchase.

Marty Sereno

75% of the neurons in your brain are in your cerebellum

The human cerebellum ("little brain") lies below the cerebral cortex. Despite its small size, it contains 75% of the neurons in the brain, packed into tiny horizontal folds. It has expanded even more than the cerebral cortex in evolution and is involved in movement, language, and cognition. This talk described how we reconstructed its tightly folded surface and completely unfolded it, in preparation for studying the organization of this often neglected yet critical part of the brain.

Janet & Mark Hubka

Taking Art to the Cellular Level

At ilus, we discovered art in the laboratory - in the beautiful images of human cells that reflect life at the microscopic level. We bring about 15 scientific pictures to our presentations and talk about the great work being done in stem cell research at institutions around the country. In our school programs, we believe that art can inspire kids in STEAM.

Earlier Event: April 27