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Timing is Everything

  • Thorn Street Brewery 3176 Thorn Street San Diego, CA, 92104 United States (map)

When it comes to your body and mind, timing is everything. Call it a day and join us as we explore the science of circadian rhythms.

Food will be available for purchase from God Save the Cuisine, or feel free to bring your own!

Susan Golden


How bacteria tell time

Like most animals and plants on the planet, some bacteria – the photosynthetic cyanobacteria – have a circadian clock that orchestrates the timing of processes in the cell during the course of a day. Research has revealed the cyanobacterial clock to be a fantastic nanomachine that coordinates the daytime and nighttime activities of the cell.

Emily Manoogian


Why WHEN you eat is just as important as what you eat

Research has shown that our daily eating, sleeping, and activity patterns can affect health and determine our long term risk for various diseases. This talk will cover how the timing for calorie intake influences your body's rhythms, and how small behavioral changes can lead to large health benefits.


Michael McCarthy

Circadian Rhythms and Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a serious psychiatric condition defined by episodic depression and mania. Patients with bipolar disorder show profound changes in sleep, and energy indicating the brain’s circadian clock is affected. Recent research has identified genetic clock mechanisms in humans and investigated if the clock malfunctions in bipolar disorder. In bipolar disorder, cellular rhythms are weak and the clock “ticks” too slowly. Circadian rhythms may determine which patients respond to treatment.

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