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Redwood City: Shrooms and Alcohol

  • Freewheel Brewing 3736 Florence Street Redwood City, CA, 94063 United States (map)

We will build things with mushrooms, learn about a 5000-year-old beer recipe and hear our singing scientists -The Ten thousand Ways, all this while sipping Freewheel's beer!

There will be some amazing prizes to win!!

Food and drinks available for purchase.

Family friendly. Don't hesitate to bring your kids. 

Mycelium Materials: The Future is Fungal

Anja Scholze

Experience developer and program manager at the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose

Biomaterials are rapidly growing in diversity, utility, and impact. One fascinating area of innovation is in using fungus mycelium to grow incredible new materials with unique and amazing properties. Companies and researchers are growing furniture, building materials, leather and styrofoam replacements, and more. How does this work? Why is it so cool? What are the benefits and future implications? Can I do this at home? Come learn about (and touch) living mushroom materials.

Recreating a 5000-year-old Chinese beer recipe

Jiajing Wang

Graduate Student at Stanford University

In this talk she will introduce a recipe for a 5000-year-old beer she recently discovered in China. She applies starch, phytolith and chemical analysis in this research.

It's the End of The World as We Know It

The Ten Thousand Ways (Greg Bentsen and Trisha Stan)

They make depressing facts about the end of the world more hilarious by telling you about the science and then singing about it. Learn how the world may (or may not) end, and if there's anything to do about it besides drowning your sorrows in delicious Freewheel Brewing Company beverages.