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When Art meets Science

  • Gallery House 320 California Avenue Palo Alto, CA, 94306 United States (map)

Did you know that scientists can also be artists? This is the time to come discover their art!

This event will be an amalgamation of science and art. Create your own piece of art with bacteria, paint with Bioink, sketch microscopic organisms, make mycelium necklaces, win a hand knitted hat based on your favorite science topic (and maybe learn to knit as well) and much more

Thank you all for coming at our event. It was a great night! Please find some pictures below and your awesome agar art (more pictures to come)! 

Drinks available for purchase at the Moods Wine Bar

Bring your kids, a lot of activities are waiting for them.

Free for kids under 6 years old. Please register them as a separate group, using the promo code: CHILD.


MICROBIAL ART: Create your own microbial artwork. Skip brushes, paint and canvas for bacteria and agar dish.
BIO INK PLANKTON ART: Create your art piece using stamps of plankton species and bio ink, a natural bio-pigment produced by living bacteria at the Bio Design Studio - Tech Museum.
PAINT THE MICROWORLD: View your surroundings through a microscopeand paint or sketch what you see, using bio ink.
DESIGN YOUR SCIENCE HAT: Create a design(s) for a science themed hat, inspired by your own science or any science topic that you find fascinating. Our knitter scientists will choose one lucky winner and will knit their design for them.
LEARN TO KNIT: Our knitter scientist will also teach how to knit, if you wanna knit your designs yourself!

Our Artists

Come talk to the artists, understand their science from a new perspective and discover with them your own hidden artist

Oil Painter

Oil Painter

Sarah Nessa

Under the Microscope Art Series

Oil painting series of microorganisms on the microscopic level. Learn why I chose to paint these and view the complexity, symmetry, and often surprising beauty of these organisms.

Deep Art

Deep Art

Łukasz Kidziński

Researcher in the Mobilize Center at Stanford and co-founder of DeepArt

We are using artificial intelligence to generate artworks in styles of famous artists.

Science Knits

Science Knits

Heidi Arjes

Microbiologist and a knitting designer

I will showcase some of my science-themed knit designs. In addition, I will have some high magnification photos of yarn fibers and potentially will even have a knitting demonstration

Science Paints

Science Paints

Ipsa Jain

Postdoc in Bangalore

Science-inspired art provokes curiosity and interest in a wider audience, where textbooks fail to communicate. I use training in science and skills in the art to present concepts of science.

24 wildflower paintings by Herbert Dengler

24 wildflower paintings by Herbert Dengler

Nancy Lund

Portola Valley Town Historian, Jasper Ridge docent

Reproductions of 24 of Herb Dengler's wildflower paintings will be exhibited in a portfolio. Herb was a link to the time before the dawn of Silicon Valley. He spent his ninety years walking the Santa Cruz Mountains. His paintings capture the beauty, delicacy, morphology and essence of our native wildflowers.

Fungus Bio Design Exploration/ Mycelium Light-up Ornaments

Fungus Bio Design Exploration/ Mycelium Light-up Ornaments

Corinne O. Takara

Artist and Arts Educator

Explore fungus as a design material! On display will be a table lamp and other creations made from fungi. These mycelium art pieces reuse agricultural waste and are compostable, making them a sustainable building material of the future. What things do you imagine could be grown from living materials instead of built? Houses? Packing material? Furniture? Come get inspired.

Bio Ink Art (Draw or Stamp)

Bio Ink Art (Draw or Stamp)

Michele Guieu

Artist and Art Educator Specialist

Plankton are a like the canary in the coal mine of climate change. By monitoring them, scientists learn about the ocean’s health. Create your own petri dish art piece using stamps of plankton species and bio ink, a natural bio-pigment produced by living bacteria at the Bio Design Studio - Tech Museum.

On display: an ensemble of plankton species created with recycled and salvaged material.

She we will work in collaboration with Anja Sholze, who will provide the bio-ink.

Anja Scholze

Experience Developer and Program Manager at The Tech Museum of Innovation

Bio Ink Art

Bio Ink Art

Fuzzy Synapse: Connecting science and the world

Fuzzy Synapse: Connecting science and the world

Vinita Bharat

Postodc at Stanford, Neurosurgery department

Presenting science in an easy and fun way is what i love doing through my platform “Fuzzy Synapse”


Counter Culture Labs

Oakland’s grassroots Community Lab for biohacking and citizen science.

Counter Culture Labs has partnered with us to bring you ‘agar art’.Learn how to make colorful and unique art that is completely alive. Design your own art piece using our colorful bacteria.  


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