dear speaker

we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts

without you we'd be all dressed up with no science to go to...

Now that you've registered for one of our events, we want to provide you with some tips for a good taste of science talk — because it's not your usual scientific seminar!


I’ve never given a talk like this before, how do I prepare?

We have a guide to presenting at taste of science, made specially for us by the excellent folk over at Science Talk


I have my talk prepared, but I'm not sure about it

If you would like someone to check your presentation, language — and whether you’re pitching at the right level — please contact us


Who will my audience be?

There is a mix. Our audience surveys indicate that about half are scientists or work in a related profession. The other half have no scientific training. So your talk will need to be understandable by a non-specialist audience but still enjoyable and interesting to other scientists.


What facilities will I have?

We aim to have a PA system at every venue and if needed we try our best to obtain a projector and AV system. If you have specific requests regarding space to set up any equipment or displays please let us know. Your city organizers will be able to give you all necessary details regarding your venue.


How much time will I have?

This is specific to your event but in general talks are about 20 minutes with 10 minutes of questions.


Can I use slides?

Yes, but we recommend that you allow our partners Science Talk to ensure they are suitable. We also ask that you consider giving a talk without slides and perhaps using props, or a demonstration.


My question isn't answered here!

If you have any further questions for us please do not hesitate to contact Parmvir, director of taste of science