Diversity in science in Tampa

Lots of lessons learned tonight about diversity and inclusivity in science. Lessons that, I imagine, would apply equally well outside of the realms of academia. After months of preparation we finally get to see what the volunteers of taste of science have cooked for us. Being in central Florida means my start will be Tampa, where I could see things like:

The diversity event was…pun intended, very diverse. We first had Anita Marshall, a geologist that after an accident had to become more creative and self-confident to do her work…and improve such work and that of her colleagues at the same time.

Daniel Cruz Ramirez de Arellano studies the ability of queer folk to express themselves in STEM and teaches his students at the chemistry department at USF that being different does not invalidate their contributions, to the contrary.

Finally Renee Fonseca and the poverty of a society that does not include everyone with analogies to genetics and 23andme. If we were all $10 notes and you made us change into one big pocket of change of 1000 pennies, only 1 of them would be different between me and any other person in the world.

Great start for #tasteofsci…let’s see what tomorrow will bring…but I am sure it will also be about science!