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Wisdom of the Ants

  • Under the Radar Brewery 1506 Truxillo Street Houston, TX, 77004 (map)

Wisdom of the Ants

Just like humans, ants work cooperatively to construct homes with complex architecture, use tools, raise crops, use antibiotics to combat disease, and engage in warfare; and they are among the most successful organisms on earth with more than 15,000 known species!

Join Dr. Scott Solomon in exploring the co-evolution between leafcutter ants and the fungi they cultivate for food, the impact of flooding from Hurricane Harvey on the spread of invasive ants, and more.

Meet our Scientist


Dr. Scott Solomon is a biologist, professor, and science communicator. He teaches ecology, evolutionary biology, and scientific communication as an Associate Teaching Professor at Rice University. He also teaches field biology at Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, Colorado and developed a complete digital course on the modern science of evolution with The Great Courses. Dr. Solomon earned a Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior from the University of Texas at Austin where his research examined the evolutionary basis of biological diversity in the Amazon Basin. He has worked as a visiting researcher with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC and São Paulo State University in Rio Claro, Brazil. His current research examines the interactions between native and non-native ants, the impacts of extreme flooding on ant communities, ant foraging behavior, and the co-evolution between ants and microbes. Scott often speaks and writes about science for the general public at schools, museums, churches, science cafés, TEDx events and other venues. His writing and photography have appeared in publications such as NBC NewsSlate, Aeon, Nautilus, and Wired and his first book, Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution was published by Yale University Press.