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A taste of Isolation — HERA style

  • Ronin Art House 1310 Nance Street - Suite C Houston, TX, 77002 United States (map)

The HERA project

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on a mission to Mars? NASA researchers want to explore how people adapt to being isolated in a small "capsule", separated from friends, family and favorite pets for long periods of time. The Human Exploration Research Analog is a "capsule on Earth" that allows us to simulate a long duration space mission to help answer the questions researchers have. Want a taste?

Why On Earth Should We Study the Health Issue of Space?

Patrice O. Yarbough

NASA - The HERA Project

Patrice will start by introducing the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) -  a ground-analog for the NASA Human Research Program to study and evaluate impacts due to isolation, remoteness and confined habitation. Investigators will be looking at psychological, human factor and physiological impacts. Each HERA mission will simulate space exploration scenarios. Our current HERA Campaign 4 will include up to four 45-Day missions. Subjects will spend the mission in confined habitation inside the habitat at JSC-NASA.


Where do we conduct the study? - The habitat

Lisa Spence

NASA - The HERA Project

We will continue with an actual introduction to the HERA habitat itself by Lisa Spence. Feeling at home yet?







Who gets to go?

Yvonne Parsons

NASA - The HERA project

To end the evening Dr. Yvonne Parsons will tells how they select subjects to make up the crew/team for the study. Who knows, maybe you're next...


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