Calling All Science Fans....Volunteers Needed!

As we get closer to this year's festival, the search is on to find volunteers. Making the decision to volunteer your time can be difficult when you aren't sure what you are signing up for or what the necessary qualifications are. To aid in this decision, below is a description of some of the things volunteers can assist with.


Being a scientist is not necessary although a love for science is very helpful. Otherwise, all volunteers are welcome.

  • Are you a high school or college student that needs volunteering hours? Sign up to be an event volunteer. 
  • Are you a graduate student or young professional looking to grow your skills working for a non-profit? Sign up to be an Event Manager. 
  • Do you just love science and want to help promote science outreach in any way possible? Then sign up today!



Several event managers are needed. The volunteer for this position works with the City Coordinator and Speaker Liaison to organize and set up events. During events, this volunteer will ensure that venues are set up, assign event volunteers, ensure speakers are ready, and host events. 


Several event volunteers are needed for each event! These individuals will help set up venues, collect funds, check tickets, and assist the event manager. 

Social Media & Publicity Manager

A  social media savvy volunteer is needed to help run our growing social media accounts and provide publicity for print, television, radio, etc. This person would preferably become a year round member of the team. 

Web Manager

A very important role, a volunteer is needed to help maintain our web presence. This includes setting up events on our webpage, adding team member bios, posting blogs and links, ensuring connections to our social media accounts, and set up of the ticketing system. 


Well, it is now time to volunteer! Fill out the registration form below and get started.