The Festival Has Begun

We have now completed our first event of the 2017 Festival at Saw Works Brewing! We had 4 excellent speakers:

  • Karen Lloyd, who discussed microbes and the fascinating theories about how new microbes will affect our world; 
  • Bronson  Messer, who discussed his work at OLCF using TITAN to investigate dark energy and dark matter; 
  • Mallory Ladd, who discussed investigation of microbes in Artic soil and how the thawing of permafrost can effect our climate; and 
  • Sammie Hedrick, who discussed proton therapy and why patient education in choosing treatment options is so important. 

There are still plenty of chances to come out and hear more amazing science as our festival continues. Tomorrow you can find us at Saw Works Brewing as we hear from Emily Clark discussing how to mimic and store the sun's energy and Nate Phillip as he discusses the future of batteries. Tickets are on sale now. 

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Elizabeth Gillenwalters