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The science behind magnets and GMOs

  • Pour Tap Room 207 W Jackson Ave Knoxville, TN 37902 (map)

Dustin Gilbert

I am interested in nanotechnology, computation of the future, magnetism and spin; I work with thin-films and nanostructures, using their small geometry to control their properties. I like to drink coffee, lots and lots of coffee, with cream and yellow-fake sugar.

Magnets and You

Magnetism affects your life every day - whether you know it or not. Research into magnetic materials, and specifically nanoscale magnetism, has improved the world tremendously over the recent 20 years, including enabling wind-power and electric cars, and treating cancer. In the future, magnetism will present a new frontier for computation through the development of spintronics. This talk will discuss the many ways magnetism has, and will continue to, impact our lives in revolutionary ways.


Nannan Jiang

I am fascinated by the language of DNA!

How GMOs learn to read

If you are reading this, it means at some point you have learned to read. Some of us have even learned to read multiple languages. But how have we come to learn to read? Perhaps GMOs have the answer!