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The science of 3D printing

  • Pour Tap Room 207 W Jackson Ave Knoxville, TN 37902 USA (map)

Dustin Gilmer

I work on Additive Manufacturing/ 3D-Printing and I am interested in printing new materials utilizing new chemistry and material science. I am a native of Kingsport TN and I flew for the first time last year.

Chemistry of Additive Manufacturing

Chemistry is all around us in our everyday lives. It is involved in what we eat, how we travel, and how we make just about everything. I work on the chemistry of making things specifically through Additive Manufacturing and how chemistry affects those objects.


Suresh Babu

I like to 3D print hybrid materials for challenging applications relevant to department of energy.

I like to work with people to learn and share and also pay it forward

Drink anything but little.

Paper wasps and 3D printing

What we can learn from nature related to additive manufacturing of hybrid materials for challenging environments.