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Flu and Flowers

  • PYRO'S Fire Fresh Pizza 2035 Union Avenue Memphis, TN 38104 (map)

Curious about why you need to take a flu vaccine every year? Come hear from St Jude flu expert, Stacey Schultz-Cherry, and another expert speaker.



Doors will be open at 6:30pm. Come early to put in your order for delicious Pyros pizza and drinks while chatting with new friends.


Following a brief introduction to taste of science and thanks to our sponsors, we will hear from our speakers with plenty of time between for questions, fun, and refills.


Evan Comeaux

Evan is a biomedical scientist in genetics, cancer, and toxicology. Trying to find cures and understand how chemical exposure impacts human health.

What Does It Mean to Be Biocompatible?

Biocompatibility has risen in importance for medical research in recent years. This refers to the potential for a material or chemical to cause an adverse response in a patient. For example, if you have a knee replacement, what material is the new knee made of and how do you know if it is biocompatible? What kinds of compounds might you be exposed to from an implant and how could this impact your long-term health? Find out how we ensure that materials used in surgery are biocompatible.


Stacey Schultz-Cherry

Research interests: Influenza Virus Pathogenesis, Astrovirus Pathogenesis, Novel Vaccines and Therapeutics, Microbial Co-Infections

Meet your hosts...


Daniel Bastardo Blanco

I'm a Venezuelan PhD student at St. Jude with a genuine love for Memphis. My work focuses on understanding the mechanisms of immune signaling and cell metabolism that control the differentiation and function of T cells. I'm the President of the Grad. Student Exec. Council of the University of TN Health Science Center. I am a runner and social media enthusiast with a passion for science advocacy.


Evan Comeaux

I'm a scientist in medical research interested in promoting science to the public.

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