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Science Fair Registration and FAQs

  • The Bronx Brewery 856 East 136th Street Bronx, NY, 10454 United States (map)

To kick off this year’s taste of science festival, we will be hosting an old-school event with a novel, tasty, twist: A science fair… in a brewery. We would like to extend an invitation to you to participate, showcase and show-off. All ideas, no matter how weird and wonderful, are welcome. Perhaps it’s a demo with your drone, a sampler of how you create your own micro-brew (we will be in a brewery after all), a practical illustration or artistic expression of your research, an invitation to play with your ‘ponics, a game with a gadget or a game of the mind. Maybe it’s even an intriguing twist on old chemistry crowd pleasers like Mentos and Coke or a vinegar volcano.

Our only stipulation is that your entry is suitable for a layman’s audience, in keeping with our goal of making science accessible to all, with bonus points going for the entertainment factor and creativity. Groups, pets and partners more than welcome.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included as a demonstration?

We invite you to be creative with this task. A demonstration can include anything from a hands-on experiment to an interpretive dance. Below are some ideas, although the list is not exhaustive

-       Experiment: Live demonstration, data collection, data analysis/interpretation

-       Art: Data portrayed as art (SciArt), original pieces, puppet shows, dances, plays, crafts

-      Games: Anything that teaches a scientific concept or relates to your research

What does "general audience" mean?

Targeting for a general audience means that information is simple enough to be understood by a non-scientist without losing the significance of the material. To promote meaningful conversation, refrain from using jargon, simplify your research into 1-2 key concepts, and provide enough background so that someone new to your field can think critically about the experiment.

Is there a prize?

Each participant will receive taste of science swag and the chance to receive a $50 cash prize, which will be awarded to the two demonstrations that wow the crowd above the others.

Do I have to do this solo?

Teams are allowed, but please keep group sizes to around 2-3 people.

Can I have an example of a demonstration?

Sure! Since we are beer fans, let’s think about the beer making process. The main ingredients of beer are water, grains, hops, and yeast. With these ingredients alone, how does beer get its bubbles? Enter fermentation, or the process of turning sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Demonstration: Water bottle with yeast and hot water capped with a balloon ( Discussion could include the fermentation process and how yeast contributes to the overall flavor of the beer.

Do I have to stick to my own research?

No! You can choose any topic that you feel most comfortable explaining to a general audience.

Can I get reimbursed?

Reimbursement within reason may be considered for materials used as part of demonstrations. We can not guarantee that all costs will be covered (we are a non-profit after all!).

What if I don’t have an idea?

Our taste of science volunteers have you covered! We are happy to brainstorm ideas with you to help get you started.

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