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Surveying the ocean floor, exploring influenza, and snow melting concrete!

  • Milkboy 1100 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States (map)

Come learn about how oceanographers explore the bottom of the ocean and what it's like to live on a research vessel. Then you will be guided through the design and development of snow melting concrete from an engineering perspective.  


Meet the Speakers


Dr. Laura Guertin

Professor of Earth Science
Penn State Brandywine

Hydrographic surveying for Captain America on the ocean floor

When Captain America crashed the Hydra bomber, Howard Stark set out to look for the plane on the ocean floor. So how do oceanographers explore the bottom of the ocean? Learn about the technology the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) uses on their ships to determine the depth of the ocean, and what it is like to work and live on a research vessel. In addition, see how NOAA data are displayed on paper nautical charts and through crocheted items!


Dr. Scott Hensley

Associate Professor of Microbiology
University of Pennsylvania

How a flu vaccine might save your life



Dr. Yaghoob Farnam

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
Drexel University 

Snow Melting Concrete

Ice and snow are removed from pavements for safety. Usually we use deicing salts or snowplows. These are costly and labor intensive. They impact the environment and damage pavement. We are searching for an alternative, sustainable solution. I will explain how we can use phase change materials in concrete to remove snow.