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Finding & Making Love: The Science of Sex and Attraction

  • Iron Fist Brewing 1985 National Ave #1132 San Diego, CA 92113 USA (map)

Explore the fascinating science of sex and reproduction, with topics including how sperm interact with the female immune system and the ethology of attraction and mate-finding from scientists Pascal Gagneux and Cory Miller.

All ages are welcome to join us at award winning Iron Fist Brewery. Outside food can be brought in or delivered to the tasting room from one of the many local restaurants.

Pascal Gagneux   @pgagneux

Pascal Gagneux


Mammalian Sperm as Ultra-successful Parasites

Mammalian sperm evolved the capacity to invade the body of another individual. Each of these highly specialized cells contains a uniquely recombined haploid genome and has to navigate dangerous territory in order to fertilize an egg. Sperm are equipped with special molecules that allow them to "sweet talk" the female immune system and convince females to allow the survival of at least one sperm. I will take you back to where half of you consisted of such a tiny, intrepid traveler.

Cory Miller

Cory Miller

Evolution and biology of attraction

Why do we find some people more attractive than others? What does our biology tell us about the evolution of our mate recognition system? In this talk, I will approach issues related to addressing these types of questions from an Ethological perspective, drawing on studies both of our own species and our nonhuman animal cousins.