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Gene Editing: A CRISP(R) Explanation

  • Thorn Street Brewery 3176 Thorn Street San Diego, CA, 92104 United States (map)

What is CRISPR, how does it work, and how can we use it to treat disease? Learn about this exciting new genome-editing technology from scientists Eugene Yeo and Allison Songstad.

This event is for ages 21+. Food truck for the night will be God Save the Cuisine and outside food is also allowed, so feel free to bring your own!

Eugene Yeo   @yeo_lab

Eugene Yeo


CRISPR and small molecule therapeutics for neuro-muscular disease

I will describe my lab's efforts in identifying novel therapeutic targets for neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). I will also discuss my lab's recent papers on developing CRISPR-based therapeutics for RNA targeting in Myotonic Dystrophy, Huntington's and ALS.


Allison Songstad   

Allison Songstad


CRISPR Genome Editing: A Science Musical

This great talk will be
All about CRISPR,
From its history
To how it’s a winner

The whole time
Will be spent in song
Or in rhyme

There’ll be mention of
The legality,
Between the groups at
Berkley and MIT.

And then two big players, 
CRISPR and stem cells.
And how they’re game changers
With promises
To help the world excel.

CRISPR genome editing
Took the field by storm
Infiltrated labs
Making the field transform.

Adding to the science
We loved it, we were grinning
We saw its brilliance
And we are winning

Come April 24th
At Thorn St. Brewery we will be.
There’s a lot more in store
For all who like beer and are science-y.