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Mountain View: Sleep and Ancient mummies

  • Molly Magees 241 Castro Street Mountain View, CA, 94041 United States (map)

From ancient DNA to the human sleep, you will learn a lot about your body at this event! Hear about Europe's oldest known natural human mummy and then satisy all your curiosities about sleep.

Drinks available for purchase. (Food will not be available.)

21+ event.

Meet our speakers:

Bringing the Iceman back to life

Rosa Fregel

Postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University, Department of Genetics

An Iceman was discovered by two German hikers in 1991 in the Alps. The frozen mummy was found at the Ötztal Alps, and was later given the name of Ötzi. Although they thought Ötzi was a victim of a mountaineering accident, analysis of artifacts determined that he was in fact a 5,300-year-old Iceman from the Copper Age! Numerous scientists have studied Ötzi’s cause of death, clothing, tools and, of course, his DNA! In this talk, we will see how science is able to know all about Ötzi the Iceman.


Why Sleep?

Rafael Pelayo

Clinical professor at Stanford center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

We will discuss what is known about why we sleep and dream. This talk will inform you  about the common sleep problems and disorders and how to fix them.

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