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San Francisco: Space Exploration

  • PianoFight 144 Taylor Street San Francisco, CA, 94102 United States (map)

Join Taste of Science at PianoFight for a night focused on space! Marcia Fiamengo a NASA Ambassador and Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut will speak about the importance of space exploration. Miguel Ramahlo-Santos, an associate professor at UCSF, will explain what he has learned from stem cells to open the possibility of suspended animation. Following the talks, we will have Science Trivia at the bar hosted by the Stanford Complexity club!

Food and drinks available for purchase.

21+ event

Take advantage of the early bird discount and purchase your ticket now. Ticket at the door will be 10$

Changing the world and saving the planet; one space mission at a time

Marcia Fiamengo

Solar System Ambassador - NASA JPL-Caltech Solar System Ambassador - Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut

Humans look up and out for peace and perspective, but looking down and inward from space may be our only hope.

Learning from stem cells how to pause life

Miguel Ramalho-Santos

Associate Professor, Principal Investigator - UCSF

Embryonic stem cells and embryos are known to grow very rapidly. But we have found that they can also be put on hold in a state of reversible suspended animation. These studies raise fascinating questions about what sets the timing of development and whether it is possible to pause life.