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Redwood City: Life on Earth and Beyond

  • The Freewheel Brewing Company 3736 Florence Street Redwood City, CA, 94063 United States (map)

Take a tour of the Universe with Jessie Dotson. Astronomy on Tap San Francisco will bring "Astronomy in the News" followed by TRIVIA! There are some cool prizes to be won.

Food and drinks available for purchase.

Family friendly. Don't hesitate to bring your kids.

A tour of the universe as seen by NASA’s K2 Mission

Jessie Dotson

Kepler2 Project Scientist at NASA Ames

NASA launched the Kepler space telescope in 2009 to search for exoplanets. Kepler monitored 170,000 stars for 4 years seeking the telltale dimming of a transiting planet. After losing a second reaction wheel in 2013, the spacecraft began its K2 mission, pointing in the ecliptic where the solar pressure stays on the spacecraft axis of symmetry. Observing along the ecliptic allows us to study a wide variety of objects including exoplanets, asteroids, white dwarfs and supernova (just to name a few).

Astronomy in the News Trivia!

Astronomy on Tap San Francisco

Sean McLaughlin(Stanford, Astronomy on Tap San Francisco): "Astronomy in the News"
Astronomy on Tap is fellow science outreach organization that brings scientists to bars for a night of talks, games and fun. Sean- one of the organizer of AoTSF will give us a taste of their event, by covering "Astronomy in the News" followed by TRIVIA ( with Piozes!!)