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Diving into gravity and the deep blue sea

  • Spats 1974 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94704 United States (map)

Join us for the second event of the taste of science FESTIVAL in the East Bay, with two new speakers that will tell us about The Deep Blue Sea and Gravity. 

Food and drinks available on purchase.

21+ event.

Information about our speakers:

The social networks under the sea

Allison Barner.JPG

Dr. Allison Barner

Postdoc at UC Berkelery

In the same way that you and I have a social network, with friends, family, partners and acquaintances, plants and animals also have networks of relationships. They eat each other, help each other out, compete for resources. I study these relationships in an ecosystem that is invisible – some of the time. Let’s go beneath the waves to examine the bustling underwater economy of starfish, algae, seagrass, barnacles, and snails to see how their lives are really not so different from ours.


Crossing the Event Horizon:
Mysteries of Gravity


Dr. Miguel Zumalacarregui

Postdoc at UC Berkeley

Despite being the most obvious of the fundamental interactions, gravity is by far the most mysterious. Gravity is closely connected to many unsolved problems in Physics, from the nature of time and black holes, to the origin of the Universe and its fate. I will present some recent advances to better understand gravity, including the discovery of the Universe's accelerated expansion, the ongoing program to observe the cosmos and the recent detection of gravitational waves.

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