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  • Arts Ventures Gallery 888 Santa Cruz Avenue Menlo Park, CA, 94025 United States (map)

Join us for a discussion on brain, neurological syndromes and the future of neurosciences, with two great neuroscientists- Don Vaughn and Elizabeth Seckel

Kishore Hari, Bay area Science Festival director and popular science event host, will be our special guest for the evening and will moderate the discussion

Art Ventures  Gallery

Art Ventures Gallery

Light drinks will be served

Kids Friendly (Kids under 6 years old don't need a ticket)

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The age of the brain

Dr. Don Vaughn

Adjunct faculty in Neuroscience

The world is entering "the age of the brain," an era of exponential need to understand and modify our most complex organ. Fixing and even upgrading our brains will be one of the most important social, technological, and economic endeavors of this century. Don Vaughn explains the state of neuroscience and envisions its future: How close are we to solving mental health issues? Can we massively increase the brain’s computational and cognitive power? How can you contribute or invest?


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Using Visual Illusions to Decrease Chronic Pain and Restore Brain Function

Elizabeth Seckel.jpg

Elizabeth Seckel

Researcher at Stanford

We’ll take a brief survey course through some seemingly bizarre neurological syndromes that illustrate fundamental principles for how the human mind works, shedding light on the nature of body image, self-awareness, consciousness, and human perceptual experience. We will then review the use of optical illusions, focusing on mirror visual feedback, for the treatment of several forms of chronic pain and hemiparesis following stroke.

Our moderator

Kishore Hari

Bay area Science Festival director and popular science event host

Kishore is a recovering scientist, science educator, and all around science troublemaker.

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