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A taste of Medicine — the (w)holistic truth

  • Bosta Kitchen #130 1801 Binz Street Houston, TX, 77004 United States (map)

The (W)holistic Truth: Alternative Medicine or Alternative Facts

Is your curiosity peaked when friends send you articles about a new find guaranteeing to rid you of your aches and pains? Do you wonder why we aren’t using more alternative medicines to treat disease when it appears that so many people have improved using these non-conventional methods? Then this is the event for you! We are pleased to welcome Drs. Keri Schadler and Meng Wang who will share with us their ongoing research demonstrating how scientific testing of alternative therapies leads to the development of integrative treatment. Come join us at Bosta Kitchen, grab yourself a glass of wine, and learn a few simple approaches to weed out truth from fiction

Exercise and Cancer : Hard science of simple interventions

Keri Schadler

MD Anderson Cancer Center

There is mounting evidence from my lab and others demonstrating that aerobic exercise may have direct impact on tumor biology and response to therapy. I'll go over some of the preclinical and clinical data regarding exercise and cancer from diagnosis to survivorship


Longevity as a matter of Fat

Meng Wang

Baylor College of Medicine

Lipid molecules are one of the most important and structurally diverse components of the human body. They are not only crucial building blocks of the cellular architecture and of energy fuels, but also key signaling molecules actively involved in gene expression and signal transduction. In my talk, I will focus on a previously unknown signaling role of lipid metabolism in regulating longevity. 

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