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a Taste of Science

  • 8th Wonder Brewery 2202 Dallas Street Houston, TX, 77003 United States (map)

The Science of Science

We will kick off our taste of science week with a taste of Science itself. What exactly is Science? How does it work? And how do we fund it? Join us as Jon Flynn, from the taste of science team will introduce you to the scientific method, and Kenneth Evans for the Baker Institute will give us a brief history of Science Policy in the US. 

Science, Philosophy, and Magic: A (Scientific) Method in the Madness



Jonathan Flynn

UT Health

Scientists study wildly different things: tiny things (like quarks), giant things (like galaxies) and even squishy things (like brains). But from the tiniest to the squishiest, the way we study these many different things has an underlying pattern in the scientific method. Dr. Flynn will discuss the scientific method’s deeper structure, why it took 10,000 years of human civilization to develop, and how flexible it can be.




A Brief History of U.S. Science Policy

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Kenny Evans

Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy

"I plan to talk generally about science and technology policy in the Trump administration (so far) in the context of the last four administrations."