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  • Sigma Brewing Company 3118 Harrisburg Boulevard Houston, TX, 77003 United States (map)

The Big Science of the Very Small

Come join taste of science over at Sigma Brewery as a Physicist and nanotechnology expert discuss how very small things are creating big changes in technology. The talk will focus on carbon nanotubes, nanostructures, and molecular scale electronics!

Meet the Scientists

doug Natelson.jpg

Douglas Natelson

Rice University

Doug is a professor and the chair of Rice Universities Physics and Astronomy department. He is also a professor in electrical and computer engineering, materials science and nanoengineering, and a Fellow of the Rice Quantum Institute. Doug's research group focuses on the electronic, magnetic, and optical properties of nanoscale structures. 

The promise of carbon nanomaterials


Amram Bengio

PhD graduate from Rice's chemical and biomolecular engineering department

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have long been at the forefront of scientific research. These lightweight molecules with a combination of high electrical and thermal conductivities are also mechanically tough. Researchers at Rice have employed a method previously used to make Kevlar fibers to align the CNTs into fibers that also display these desirable properties. In this talk we will explore this process and discuss some of the applications that this novel material has already proven to be suited for. 

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