Tuesday Night Recap

We say good night to another excellent night of science at Casual Pint Hardin Valley! Tonight we were joined by two local scienctists: Dr. Becky Trout Fryxell, who discussed the local mosquito populations, what viruses they can carry, and efforts by UTK and Knox County to research and assist in mosquito population control; and Dr. Graham Hickling, who discussed the Eastern US tick migration and his research in understanding how these migrations will affect virus outbreaks in the future. We also had a fun demonstration of the "tick dance" from a willing volunteer. 

There are still two more nights to come out and hear from awesome local scientists. Tomorrow night at Sugar Mama's we will feature Alex Pawlowski who will discuss 3D printing and Carrie Dresser who will discuss bog turtles, one of the rarest turtles in North America.

Also at Saw Works Brewing, we will feature Guinevere Shaw who will discuss her work with a laser shovel to investigate in harsh environments and Dr. Drew Steen who will discuss microbes that live in ocean sediment and what they can tell us about the Earth's carbon cycle. 

Tickets for both of these events are still available. Seating is limited, particularly at Sugar Mama's so please consider buying in advance. 

Elizabeth Gillenwalters