Wednesday Night Recap

We are nearing the end of the 2017 festival, but you certainly would not have known it tonight. We had a mostly packed house at Saw Works Brewing, where we heard from Guinevere Shaw discussing her use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to investigate materials used to contain fusion energy; and Drew Steen who discussed the role of phytoplankton in the ocean's carbon cycle and a little about why an oceanographer would want to live in East Tennessee. 

At Sugar Mama's, we heard from Alex Pawlowski who shared with us his 3d printed car piston; and Cassie Dresser who discussed the tiny bog turtle and wore some super awesome waders to the bar!

Tomorrow night is THE LAST NIGHT of this year's festival. Come out and help us close the festival with a packed house at Casual Pint. Check out the details on tomorrow night's speakers on our website.  Tickets still available. 

Elizabeth Gillenwalters