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Space and Exploration

  • Casual Pint-Hardin Valley 10677 Hardin Valley Road Knoxville, TN, 37932 United States (map)
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Space! The final frontier.

What will it take to get humans there permanently? Where can we go? What can we expect to find? Come join us Sunday afternoon to discuss what insights black holes can give us into the universe, and what tools we need to get water on Mars for colonization.

Bronson Messer: "Gravitational Wave Astronomy"

One black hole is fun. Having TWO black holes, though, is awesome! You can slam them into one another! But, how can you tell anything happened? Gravitational waves -- ripples in spacetime itself -- are the answer. We have now observed GWs from colliding black holes and colliding neutron stars (these are even more fun: they make gold!). We'll talk a little about how hard astronomy with GWs is, how we were able to do it anyway, and how huge computer simulations can help us make sense of the data.

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RASC-ALs at UTK: "Mining Water on Mars"

We will discuss the basics of the competition, the difficulties of designing for space missions, our current design, and lessons learned from the competition last year. Learn how humans may one day get water on Mars!

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