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Using Isotope Chemistry to Unravel the History of North America

Tyler Grambling

The core of the North American continent is over 2.5 billion years old, the bulk of it is over 1.5 billion years old. Deciphering how we got from a series of islands to the 3rd largest landmass on Earth takes a cue from zircon--a minor contributor to most silica-rich rocks, but a major player in Earth history. By examining the ratios of certain isotopes in zircon and applying them to the rock record, we can break down the sequence of events that built the ground under our feet


Role of Nano-materials in the Future of Electronics

Akinola Oyedele

The electronic devices we use today are getting smarter, more efficient and smaller. My talk will focus on the role a new class of material, two-dimensional materials like graphene, will play in revolutionizing the future of nano-electronics. Specifically, I will highlight my recent work on novel 2D palladium diselenide, with unique pentagonal atomic structure, which possesses wide tunable electronic properties and high carrier mobility needed for device applications. 

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