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Friday Fun Day

  • Bearden Beer Market (map)

After an exciting week of talks, come join us for the final two of the week! This event even has some hands on, interactive sandboxes and electronics to play with if that's something you enjoy. Join us at Bearden Beer Market as we wrap up the festival, and say thank you to everyone that participated and helped make this year happen.


Batteries that bend

Kaitlin Glynn

So you've probably heard of the exploding batteries in phones that have caused so many issues for airlines. My research is looking into how to use ionic liquids to create safer and greener methods of energy storage. So, if you want to know more about how to build a vacuum chamber, equipment that probably costs more than your apartment, liquid nitrogen, acid so strong it could kill you with 10 milliliters and nano-pore confinement; come listen to my talk.

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Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Michael Camponovo

From drones to self-driving cars to predicting wildfires, geographers do more than make maps and memorize capitals. Come out to Bearden and interact with the latest and greatest class room/industrial teaching techniques!