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Quench Your Knowledge Thursday

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There is an "I" in Excercise

Kelley Strohacker

Exercise: we've all heard the sayings "no pain, no gain", or "just exercise and you'll feel better when you're done". These sayings ignore that, across time, we experience shifts in our mental and physical states and these shifts matter when choosing between a workout and a Netflix binge. My talk will explain why we should care about how we feel before and during exercise. It will also explore how a more flexible, participant-responsive exercise program may help people achieve their goals.

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Mining Water on Mars


We will discuss the basics of the competition, the difficulties of designing for space missions, our current design, and lessons learned from the competition last year. Learn how humans may one day get water on Mars!


Extraction of Yttrium for Electronics

Dave DeSimone

If you've ever shaken a bottle of salad dressing and watched it slowly separate, then you'd understand the process of solvent extraction. We mix a water phase with an oil phase to extract trace amounts of metal (yttrium) from the water phase into the oil phase. The yttrium is a valuable metal that has uses in electronics. 

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Friday Fun Day