Monday Night Recap

Day 2 of the festival saw events at Saw Works Brewing and Casual Pint Hardin Valley

At Saw Works, we heard from Emily Clark, who discussed a theoretical man-made sun that could be used as a renewable energy source and Nate Phillip, who discussed the future of batteries. 


At Casual Pint, first we heard from Jonelle Basso, discussing marine viruses. Next, we heard from Michael Camponovo, who discussed geography and cartograph and introduced us to the Vine Middle Magnet Augmented Reality Sandbox. The venue was packed and everyone loved taking turns playing with the Sandbox and trying out the HoloLens


Check out the website for details on the upcoming events. Tomorrow we will once again be at Casual Pint. Buy your tickets now. 


FAQ for taste of science Knoxville events:

  • All ages are welcome. However, we request that all attendees are respectful that people are there to listen and want to be able to hear.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks will be available. 
  • Availability of food for each event is detailed in the event description.
  • There is time between each speaker to refill drinks, grab food, make pitstops.  
  • Awesome prizes will be awarded trivia style. 
  • Each speaker will have 20-25 minutes to discuss their work followed by time for questions from the audience.
  • This is an informal event with no PowerPoint slides! Speakers may bring props, pictures, guitars, etc. But all talks should be geared for a general audience. NO TECHNICAL JARGON!!

Women and STEMM Knoxville

Women and STEMM Knoxville

Check out UTK Women in STEMM initiatives

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